Tarmac Surfacing Contractors

If it is durability that you need, tarmac surfacing provides a hardwearing surface for residential driveways, private or shared access roads, public car parks as well as footpaths.

If you are looking for a tarmac surfacing contractor in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire or Peterborough, we ensure a safe, well-constructed, durable and quality service to all our domestic and commercial customers.

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    Why Choose KDG Surfacing?

    • We’re cost-effective, dependable and always deliver and complete within specified timeframes.
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    Why Choose Tarmac?

    Although tarmac is mainly used to surface areas expecting larger volumes of traffic, tarmac or asphalt can also be a quality finish for residential surface renewal.

    Main benefits using tarmac include:

    • Tarmac is a quick drying surface option, making surface construction effective and efficient. The process of tarmac laying minimises disruption during installation.
    • Tarmac is an exceptionally hardwearing surface and is suitable for all weather conditions.
    • The decorative resin coated chippings are available in a range of different colours.
    • If cracks or damage occur, tarmac is easy to fix and maintain.
    • General care and management of tarmac surfaces is low. All that is required to maintain is a broom for sweeping and a quick pressure wash twice a year.
    • Tarmac can withstand heavy loads with ease.
    • It’s versatile, with the ability to add decorative chips scattered across the surface and then compacted to bring colour to a tarmac surface.

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